Health Tips For Busy Working Moms

busy-momNearly all moms are busy and working around the clock to create safe, comfortable living environments for their happy families. Today’s active and on-the-go lifestyles require a maximum of effort that can deplete the energy resources of even the healthiest women. What to do? Here are some tips and ideas to restore and rejuvenate quickly and effortlessly without missing a beat.

Make water your number one beverage of choice. Staying hydrated without sugar or caffeine will increase energy and keep unwanted pounds away. Don’t skip breakfast. Always eat a nutritious morning meal that includes fresh fruit, protein and whole grain. You will last longer while on the run and actually eat less by the end of the day. Always carry a banana or nourishing hi-protein bar in your purse for a quick pick me up any time of day.

Dress the part! Select an activewear in cotton or other natural fabrics that move and breathe right along with you. Feeling clean and comfortable will go a long way toward sustaining your energy levels throughout a busy day. Look for trendy women’s sportswear that fits well, not too tight or too loose, and has plenty of flexibility. Spandex blends are perfect for women who are physically very active, with young children or duties that require lots of movement.

Always get plenty of sleep and nap if you can. Even a 20 minute power nap after lunch can extend your productivity for hours at the end of the day. Try to get to bed as far before midnight as you can since those hours are often considered the best sleep time. Make time for a relaxing bath whenever possible since even a few minutes spent alone can recharge your depleted batteries and lift your mood.

Surround yourself with great smells. Our noses can have an effect on how we feel, so always keep a scented candle handy or bake something wonderful with cinnamon for a fast mood elevator and a ready smile. Some peppermint will help energize you while lavender will have a calming touch. You can also carry a tiny vial of essential oils in your preferred scent for an instant feel good sniff no matter where you happen to be. Even if you are tired inhaling a favorite fragrance can reawaken you and keep you going for that extra hour or two. Happy, healthy moms are good for everyone.

Now no one said being a mom is easy, on the contrary, I think it’s one of the tougher jobs out there. It’s being on call 24 hours a day, so I understand that it’s often hard finding time to yourself. But remember, taking care of your health will help you be a better mother to your kids. You will have more energy and feel better all around and able to better enjoy your time with them.